Surge Protection
More than a voltage sensing switch

Surge protection refers to a set of measures or devices designed to protect electrical and electronic equipment from sudden and transient voltage spikes or surges that may occur in the power supply.

These voltage surges, also known as transients or electrical disturbances, can be caused by a variety of factors such as lightning strikes, power outages, or switching of electrical loads.

These voltage spikes can damage sensitive electronic components, shorten the lifespan of equipment, and result in costly downtime. Surge protection devices (SPDs) are installed in electrical systems to limit the voltage spikes and prevent them from damaging connected equipment.

  • Real Time

    REPSUN smart GSM is to continuously test grounding resistance in real time by 3-point test based on internet of thing technology.

  • Weather

    REPSUN smart GSM can test and monitor grounding wire connectivity, temperature and humidity. And all the data can be displayed on REPSUN web platform and on site.

  • Detection

    REPSUN smart GSM can detect fluctuations by calculating grounding resistance, in the grounding installation caused by: accidental grounding disconnections, deterioration of the grounding installation or terrain, equipment theft.

  • Grounding

    Having proper grounding and checking it regularly is very important.

  • Safety

    A ground in proper condition avoids risk of death for people and destruction of property.

  • Surge

    A ground in proper condition ensures protection against voltage surges.

Day and night Surge Protection

Our areas of expertise in providing protection solutions include:

Airport navigation and communications
Broadcasting and communications systems
Solar energy systems
Computer networks
Intelligent building control
Process control systems
Telephone systems
Railway signalling
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