Lightning & Earthing material products
A properly designed and installed lightning protection system can significantly reduce the risk of damage to a building or structure caused by lightning strikes
Surge protection devices (SPD)
Surge protection refers to a set of measures or devices designed to protect electrical and electronic equipment from sudden and transient voltage spikes or surges that may occur in the power supply.
Lightning Protection System (LPS)

The OMNILPS (Lightning protection system) can be likened to waterproof solutions that prevent buildings from leaking during rain. In simpler terms, just as waterproofing safeguards a building from rain, the lightning protection system shields your structure from lightning.

Firstly, to withstand heavy rain, a building requires a high level of waterproofing. Similarly, the Bipolar Conventional Air Terminal significantly reduces the chances of a direct lightning strike, like a torrential downpour, to nearly 0%.

Secondly, just as caulking is applied to windows and door frames to prevent rain seepage, the SPD (Surge Protective Device) blocks power surges—dangerous overvoltage and overcurrent—in all externally connected circuits, such as power and communication lines.

Thirdly, to enable the swift drainage of rainwater pooling on the ground, numerous large drains are necessary. In the realm of lightning protection, the grounding system performs this task. However, the commonly used copper conductor may rust and impede this flow.

This issue can be resolved by utilizing a carbon ground system instead, known as OMNI LPS.

Bipolar Conventional Air Terminal (BCAT)
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