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Lightning Protection System

ENPRO is a Malaysian company that operates in the Asia-Pacific region. The company was founded in 2012 with the purpose of promoting Lightning Safety Protection and engaging in educational activities for electrical consultancy.

Reasons to count on us
  • Lightning risk assessment report.
  • Soil resistivity test & report as well as Earth resistance test and reports.
  • Step and Touch potential calculation with the CDEG software assistant.
  • Design of Earthing systems to BS 7430 and local code of practice.
  • Inspection and supervision on sites for Installation of LPS.
  • We offer services such as design, on-site support and supervision for Earthing & Lightning protection in accordance to the latest MS IEC 62305 standard.

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Discover the difference in lightning protection.

ENPRO is dedicated to ensure that today’s Lightning Protection Systems maintain the best possible Quality in Design, Materials, and Installation.

Lightning Protection
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Surge Protection
Surge protection refers to a set of measures or devices designed to protect electrical and electronic...
Earthing Solutions
Earthing solution refers to a system of measures designed to provide a safe and effective way to...

What's included in our services:


We provide engineering consultancy services in all technical aspect related to the project.


Based on both the customer’s preferences and IEC standards, ENPRO will be able to recommend the level of protection required for the project. We will then plan and design the most suitable Lightning & Surge Protection System for the project.

Audit of Current Systems

ENPRO performs a full audit on the designated premise and provides summary audit report in accordance to IEC 63205 standard.


All our products are tested and in full compliance with IEC 62561 and IEC 61643 with Malaysia SIRIM, JMAL and International TUV.

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ENPRO is a pure Malaysian company operate nationwide group founded in 2012 to promote lightning safety, protection and education for electrical consultancy.